Al-Maarri.. A Chapter for Hope

The poet Abu Al-Alaa Al-Maarri was accused of heresy when he urged to reject authority in its various manifestations. After a thousand years, Syrians will come out in a popular revolution against the power of political tyranny. 

In a symbolic gest, the Assad regime will try to destroy the city of Marra, north of Syria, while the Islamic extremists will be head the statue of al-Maarri in his resting place in February 2013.

This documentary film shows the background story for the construction efforts of a memorial sculpture for the philosopher Abu Al-Alaa Al-Maarri. The sculpting process, which took place in Spain, conducted by the hands and under the supervision of Syrian artist Assem Al-Basha along with the support of The Survivor Organization “Najoon”.

In a way, the film reflects the Syrian revolution story at critical junctures in its path.

Title: Al-Maarri.. A Chapter for Hope

Director: Hisham Al Zouki

Genre: Political / Social

Duration: 52 mins

Production Year: 2019

Executive Producer: Metafora Production