A series that showcases success stories of Syrian individuals of various majors and specializations around the world. They have been challenged throughout their life journeys with constant disappointments and losses due to the war or migration. However, with their perseverance and determination, they have managed to rebuild themselves in the foreign lands.

The Juncture

A weekly talk show with Syrian novelists and writers to shed light on their intellectual perceptions on the major turning points in Syria. A contemplation among Arab and foreign intellects who are attentive to the Syrian disturbances. A critical stand on the current cultural dialogue, and the effect of the political movement on the writers’ creative tools. All what is unsaid among cultural dialogues is unveiled in “The Juncture”.


A visual documentation of former detainees of Al Asad’s regime.

The program unveils the real savage truth of Al Asad’s regime and highlights the perseverance of the Syrian people in finding ways around this brutal experience.

Joe Show

Joe Show is a Prime-Time satirical most popular television shows in the Arab region today. The Show is presented by the famous standup comedian, Yussef Al-Hussein. It turns self-deifying Arab autocrats, politicians, into laughing stocks.

The program does not exclude mockery from a set fixed -propagandist -Arab journalists as a regular target of the one-hour long program.