Farewell, Dear Comrades

Through witness accounts, the documentary film narrates the details of the kidnapping operation of the Italian vessel Aquila Lauro on the 7th of October 1985. Represented by its Secretary General, Muhammad Zaidan, known as Abu al-Abbas, the operation that the Palestinian Liberation Front (PLO), represented by had planned, and directly supervised. The operation came as a response to the Operation Wooden Leg in Hamman al-Shatt in Tunisia which was carried out by the Israeli Air Force on the 1st of October 1985 targeting PLO headquarters.

The film reveals new information about some Arab regimes and political figures who were involved in the operation. What makes this film especially unique is that the main witness is Mrs. Reem Al-Nimr, the wife of Abu al-Abbas.

Title: Farewell, Dear Comrades

Director: Hisham Al Zouki

Genre: Political

Duration: 52 mins

Production Year: 2019

Executive Producer: Metafora Production