Men of Dignity… The Cry of the Free

The “Men of Dignity” movement started in the context of the Syrian revolution. It has devised in 2014 in the governorate of Sweida, south of Syria, as a response to the internal conflict of the local community on one hand, and to the Assad’s regime and the terrorist forces behaviors on the other.

The film “Men of Dignity.. The Cry of the Free” sheds light on the societal and revolutionary movement outside the official opposition institutions. It also highlights the changes that occurred in the movement and the strategy of the Assad regime to curbing the movement, including the accusation for the elimination of the movement’s leader Al-Balous.

Title: Men of Dignity.. The Cry of the Free

Director: Nawras Aziz

Genre: Political

Duration: 51 mins

Production Year: 2018

Executive Producer: Metafora Production