Open Source

Through the story of the international activist Basil Safadi, who had been eliminated in the prisons of the Assad regime in 2015, the film attempts to reveal the regime’s policy of controlling freedom of information and the targeting of intellectual activists.  

Basil, a young Palestinian-Syrian information technology expert, was a pioneering advocate for the culture of Open Source (Creative Common).

After the outbreak of the Syrian revolution in 2011, Basil did not hesitate to contribute his knowledge and expertise in supporting the revolution. He secretly assisted in uploading videos and links to international media networks to convey the voice of the demonstrators against the Assad regime.

Basil and his wife-to-be, Nora, have gone through a romantic love story during the revolution. However, their story was interrupted by the arrest, persecution and termination of Basil in 2015 by the Assad regime.

Title:  Open Source

Director: Jamal Daoud

Genre: Political / Social

Duration: 53 mins

Production Year: 2018

Executive Producer: Metafora Production