The Day I Lost My Shadow

In Damascus, young pharmacist Sana is trying to give her son as normal of a childhood as possible. It is 2012, the start of the war in Syria, and water, gas and electricity are scarce. Sana hears there are bottles of gas for grabs in a city nearby. She sets off on a search that quickly gets out of hand after she encounters an unexpected roadblock. Along the way, she experiences the kindness of strangers, but also her worst nightmare. In an olive grove, she discovers that people can lose their shadows – as if the traumatic experience of war causes them to lose something of themselves.

Title: The Day I Lost My Shadow

Director: Soudade Kaadan

Production: Metafora Production & Kaf Production

Screenplay: Soudade Kaadan

Cinematographer: Eric Devin

Editor: Pierre Deschamps & Soudade Kaadan

Cast: Sawsan Arshid, Samer Ismail, Reham Alkassar, Oweiss Mkhallalati

Genre: Narrative

Production Year: 2018

Duration: 95 mins

Best Director Mostra de València-Cinema del Mediterrani 2019
Best Feature Vancouver International Women in Film Festival 2019
Best Performance Vancouver International Women in Film Festival 2019