The Silent Front

The film examines the credibility of the “resistance” rallying cry that the Assad regime raised in the name of Palestine and the liberation of the Golan Heights.

The film is narrated in the context of the Nakba (1948 Palestinian Exodus) and Naksa (1967 Six-Days War) memorial marches to the Golan Heights in 2011 — to reveal how the Assad regime and some Palestinian factions tried to use these events for mere political gain.

The film highlights the irony between the Assad regime’s complete abandonment of the Golan Heights’ liberation on one hand, and the Israeli erection of the “fear wall” border to protect itself on the other. The film is based on interviews for actual participants in the marches. It also displays unique footage and exclusive visual materials.

Title: The Silent Front

Director: Nawras Abu Saleh

Genre: Political

Duration: 53 mins

Production Year: 2017

Executive Producer: Metafora Production