Smile, General

Under an authoritative regime in an Arab Country, a moral scandal disturbs the presidential palace and provokes violent clashes between the President and his military brother to seize power.

Before cancer kills him, Waddah Fadlallah, a retired General Officer at the Ministry of Defense, decides to avenge by exposing the country’s politicians who pushed him to carry out chemical experiments that were being conducted on political prisoners and under his supervision.

To achieve this, Waddah throws a huge party in a villa which he rents far from the capital and invites a large number of politicians and officers to it.

In front of the cameras of journalists, he surprises everyone, stating that he had bed all the wives present at the party. The name of the President’s sister is among the names mentioned.

The President orders Haidar, the commander of the Intelligence Division, to ban the publication of any news about the party and stresses that its leakage will cause a disaster if it happens. Therefore, everyone who attended the party gets arrested, except for Waddah Fadlallah, who hid in a modest apartment in a densely populated neighborhood.

Title: Smile, General

Director: Orwa Mohamad

Script Writer: Samer Radwan

Production: Metafora Production

DOP: Issam Saidi

Cast: Maxim Khalil, Abdulhakeem Qtifan, Reem Ali, Sawsan Arsheed, Mazen Natoor, Ghatfan Ghanoom, Azza Al Bahra

Episodes: 30 Episodes

Genre: Political Drama

Production Year: 2023

Episode Duration: 35 mins